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Safety and Communications Across Your Operations  with RogerThat

RogerThat streamlines Onboarding and Safety Communication for Oil and Gas Workers.

Request a demo today and take your Safety to another level with the benefits of a more connected and efficient workforce!

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Join over 150K happy users!

Consistent Communication Across Locations

Foster seamless Safety Communication in all locations, keeping everyone in the loop.

Reduced Turnover and Improved Engagement

Enhance the Communication Experience for your staff, making them feel valued and engaged in their roles.

Streamlined Safety Process

Reduce training time, allow your staff to be productive sooner, and improve overall Safety Operational Efficiency.


Seamless Safety Workforce Solution

Ready to revolutionize Safety and Communication in all your Operations?

Instant Alerts and Awareness with Eterna:

RogerThat's Eterna Feature delivers real-time Whatsapp messages, ensuring immediate communication during critical situations in the dynamic environments of oil and gas and energy operations.


Revolutionize Training with Roger Training Tool:

Experience a training revolution with RogerThat's Training Tool, often hailed as the "Netflix of Training." Access a vast library of industry-specific training modules, enhancing workforce skills, compliance, and overall productivity.

Let's streamline operations and boost employee Safety Engagement with RogerThat. 

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